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Our clients are small and medium real estate investors, national or international, and property management companies, brokerage firms and individuals seeking advise and assistance on real estate matters. Check out our references, FAQ or meet Erik.

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    We have strategic partnerships with several real estate companies and network partners in the USA and Europe. Moreover, we are member of several national and international professional organizations with regards to the real estate profession.

    For investors and clients we have access to listing exchanges and partners to facilitate your transaction and real estate management. Professionals investors are aware that NCND must generally be signed prior to receiving the offering memorandum's.

    For brokers and agents: Florida MLS's are sreened as we have full access. Otherwise, all other proposals and offers (such as off-market or pocket listings) can be submitted electronically. For income/investment properties we require an APOD, otherwise please submit full property details for review and analysis. NCND must be signed prior to receiving the offering memorandum's.

    For property managers: send us your property management agreement, including terms and conditions.

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