VGM NL - Vastgoedmanagement Nederland

Dutch Real Estate Management Association, the industry's association for professional real estate management companies. Vastgoedmanagement Nederland (VGM NL) was founded on 20 januari 2009 and now represents approximately 90 corporations. Together they represent 100 property management companies and over 3000 real estate professionals. all members comply with important criteria with respect to expertise, experience and professionalism and signed the ethics code. 

VGME - Stichting VastgoedManagers-Expert

Foundation of Property Managers Experts, grown from a students' association to a full network organization with over 600 members. The members are all minimumly educated at college level and are active in the real estate sector, mostly at management positions.

Members are registered on their personal titles in a Registrar of Property Managers-Experts (RVGME). The professional environment of registrars varies from commercial to social and owners of consultancy firms. Annually VGME organizes about 12 meetings, real estate societies, master classes and network drinks.


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