Property Management

Commercial management

When requested by owners, we provide expert leasing services. Our real estate professionals know the rental market, what comparable properties are leasing for, and what potential tenants are willing to pay for a leased space given a specific properties amenities and location. We have the marketing expertise and industry relationships to reach potential tenants and the experience and resources to enable our client?s properties to maintain above market occupancy levels. We also have the experience, if requested by the owner, to handle the entire leasing process, inclusive of initial site visits, Request for Proposal, Letter of Intent, Lease negotiations, lease drafting and lease execution. We always respond quickly and professionally to all requests from potential tenants and pride ourselves on our ability to convert initial property visits by prospective tenants into executed leases.

  • Leasing and renting of residential and commercial real estate
  • Rental price assessment / Lease valuation / Market rent advise
  • Enforcement of leases
  • Lease indexations
  • Rent controlled points’ system
  • Rent Assessment Committee disputes
  • Rental contract, tenancy agreement and lease negotiations, preparations and execution


Technical management

We make arrangements with specialized trades for maintenance and repairs that cannot be handled by regular property maintenance staff. After soliciting competitive bids from multiple contractors and receiving owner approval, we award maintenance and repair contracts for the property. As part of the property maintenance process, we negotiate contracts for heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair, elevator, janitorial, lighting, plumbing, security, electrical and telecommunications maintenance, grounds maintenance, trash removal, and other property management services. We also closely monitor the performance of engaged contractors and investigate and resolves tenant complaints. We handle and coordinate tenant improvements as well as routine repairs and emergency repairs, so that you do not have to. We have the experience and expertise to avoid unnecessary repairs which saves our clients money.

  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Service management (maintenance requests and mutation
  • Renovations, rehabs, improvements and redevelopments
  • Project management of e.g. condo conversions


Financial and administrative management

We handle the financial operations of the properties we manage and that rent is collected and mortgages, taxes, insurance premiums, payroll, and maintenance invoices are paid on time. We prepare and deliver monthly and annual financial statements and reports as often as the property owner requests. We also provide property status reports that provide occupancy rates, dates of lease inception and expiration, special lease terms, common area charges and other important property management metrics. We use property management software and proprietary property management programs to keep track of repairs, rent collection, communications, inspections and lease renewals for each property that we manage. We oversee the performance of our client's income-producing residential, commercial, retail and industrial properties, and ensure that our client’s properties meet our client’s expectations.

  • Rent collection and debtor management
  • Administration of leases
  • Invoicing and lease index
  • Audit, processing and payment of accounts payable
  • Administration and settlement of service charges
  • Disbursement of net proceeds to owners/principals
  • Financial and other reports
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